Episode 1 – Living on Purpose

Episode 2 – Clean Your Closet
September 21, 2018
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Episode 1 – Living on Purpose

In the inaugural episode of The Power of Purpose Podcast, Judy and Jason explore the definition of purpose. How people get it right and wrong and how to start ‘Living on Purpose’ to maximize your creativity and your life.

To learn more about Judy Carter go to: https://judycarter.com/
To learn more about Judy’s programs go to: https://themessageofyou.com/
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  1. Joe Canon says:

    Amazing podcast. I binge listened to all six podcasts on one evening. Judy’s message and information so resonated with me–it was like she read my entire life and explained it, and we’ve never met! Five out of five stars. I highly recommend it.

  2. Diane Newman says:

    I just watched your webinar with Allee Willis and decided to check out your podcast. I really like the idea of making what I’m doing now my purpose. My job and the work environment can be soul crushing. (I’m an attorney :-|) Listening to your podcast made me understand why I try so hard to make people laugh at work. It helps me stay engaged and improves the overall experience. I will continue to look for more opportunities to express my talents within the confines of my job. Thanks!

  3. Sara Navratil says:

    I’ve truly enjoyed The Power of Purpose podcast with Judy Carter. Her vulnerability and honesty, as well as her motivating style are refreshing. I’ve also been taking The Message of You course online and have learned so much about speaking and what my message is, as well as how to add comedy to my speech. Awesome, life-changing stuff!

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