What if you could have a keynote speaker who cures BURNOUT?

What’s that saying? “Into each life, a little rain must fall.” Well, some of us might feel like we’ve been trying to swim through a flash flood!

Stress reduction expert, Judy Carter is that rare speaker who is laugh-out-loud funny AND thought-provoking. International best-selling author of “The New Comedy Bible” and interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, Judy shows (even the humor impaired) how to laugh in the face of stress. The results? Your group will be Refreshed, Renewed, and Revitalized.

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What audiences have to say...

Every keynote is customized to include LOL material on excessive use of acronyms, redundant forms and corporate culture. And… her material is irreverent without alerting HR. It is a proven fact that laughter improves both physical and mental health so harness that miracle cure quick! It's free and you don't need a prescription.

Prepare to be uplifted – no surgery required.


  • Use your sense of humor to battle negativity
  • Manage stress by using lighten-up techniques
  • Create instant likeability using lighthearted self-mocking as a leadership tool
  • Turn conflict into camaraderie
  • AYAO

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