Funny Health and Wellness Motivational Keynotes

Appreciate your stressed-out healthcare workers!

Comedian Judy Carter, who you'll recognize from over 100 TV appearances, will re-charge your staff!

Let Judy Carter celebrate your staff for being true miracle workers. Whether you need an early morning wake-me-up or a strong close for your event, best-selling author and TED speaker, Judy Carter keeps healthcare audiences LAUGHING and LEARNING. Her inspiring and LOL funny message is 100% customized, tailor-made for each healthcare event.

Whether speaking about leadership in nursing, employee engagement, or managing stress, Judy leaves attendees feeling energized, engaged, and wiping tears of laughter from their eyes.

Judy Carter Keynotes for 1200 Surgical Technologists in Vegas
What Ya Get:
  • Using appropriate in the workplace
  • Learn how to make a "humor choice" to shift your stress levels
  • Having a different perspective of change and conflict
  • Finding happiness when you're fat, broke and surrounded by idiots

Burnout and employee disengagement is rampant in the healthcare field. Stress reduction expert and healthcare speaker, Judy Carter's keynote proves that laughter is the best medicine and offers organizations the tools to create happiness in the workplace, and to do it while laughing their butts off. Audience members leave feeling energized, excited, and ready to engage in the happiness strategies that Carter offers from her bestselling books, The Message of You & The Comedy Bible

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Take Aways:
  • Reconnect them with their purpose and meaning
  • Reacquaint them with their work as a calling and not just a job
  • And LAUGH… so they leave saying, “I haven’t had such a good time at work in ages!”

Motivational speaker, Judy Carter offers audience members a way to embrace their awesomeness, discover their driving internal message, and to become not only empowered, but emboldened to do their best. When a healthcare team understands the potential they have to impact lives, true and positive change has a chance to happen.

Your team members will go back to work with renewed:

  • Commitment and Confidence
  • Personal power
  • Connect with their own vision for greatness

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The stress dentists and their staff face is no laughing matter, unless you’re Judy Carter. Judy has been the keynote speaker for TBSE Dental Conference in front of 3000 in Vegas, keynoter at the Pacific Dental Conference in Vancouver, two years in a row as well as keynotes for women in dentistry and others. She is a hit because she takes all the stress and challenges of the dental profession and turns them into side-splitting, feel good, humor as well as practical tips on dealing with stress.

  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Office appropriate humor
  • How to lighten up your office staff
  • Turning conflict into camaraderie

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