Comedy & Speaking Online Training Programs

Need help on a speech?
Need laughs?
Need to win your Toastmaster contest?
What to become a paid professional speaker?

Judy Carter has created an online program designed to help you find your message, create a speech, make it funny, and market yourself to become a paid pro speaker.

You can:

  • Learn how to be funny
  • Punch up your toastmaster stories
  • Turn your life’s story into a money-making speaking career
  • Create an awesome TED talk that will classify you as an influencer
  • Have people roaring with laughter at your stand-up comedy routine
Who is in our online training program?
  • Entertainers who want to get paid
  • Speakers who want to make a difference
  • Professionals who want to be funnier
  • Toastmasters who want to become master storytellers
  • Authors who want to promote their books
  • Techies who want to entertain when they speak
  • Entrepreneurs who want to attract more customers
  • Experts who want to find and speak a TED talk

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