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When Things Get Dire - Inspire with "The Message of You"

Judy Carter is that rare motivational business speaker who is not only laugh-out-loud funny, but has a thought-provoking and remarkably moving message that resonates with everyone who hears it. As a corporate speaker, Carter reveals how to use stories as a leadership tool that gets others to listen, connect, and take action. Imagine making successful connections by knowing and sharing a personal message that creates stronger loyalty with clients, motivates staff and reminds the company what they stand for….so when things get dire – you and your staff can inspire.

Take Aways:

  • Utilize Personal Life Lessons & Accelerate Work Relations
  • Become a Breakthrough Influencer & Immediately Connect with Your Audience
  • Build Life-Changing Impact by Speaking Your Message
  • Decrease Stress by Using your "Messes" to build your "MESSage"
  • Reduce the Fear of Public Speaking & Maximize Career Growth

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