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Stress IS a Laughing Matter: Your life is a joke and that's the good news!

Everyone has the right to be happy, but life and work are stressful - overwhelming deadlines, tons of emails, communication breakdowns... and that's just Monday. Imagine what life would look like without stress. What would you do? What could you achieve? Carter’s "Don't Get Mad, Get Funny" philosophy inspires and offers real-world processes that people can use to deal with issues such as change, new technology, work-life balance, and burnout -- not to mention that overflowing inbox -- with a sense of humor, rather than a sense of desperation.

Take Aways:

  • Utilize Gratitude and Appreciation to Secure a Permanent Sense of Well-being
  • Use Humor to Turn Conflict into Camaraderie
  • Mange Stress in the Workplace
  • Breakthrough Stress Management Tools that Rock
  • How to Joke Appropriately

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