Real Estate Motivational Speaker

Real Estate Sales Motivation?
Ignite Real Estate Sales with The Message of You

Want to have more hits on your website? Instant connection with clients? Want to have people share your blog and tweets?

Then do what Hollywood does -- use stories to motivate real estate agents. In this presentation, One of the funniest real estate speakers, Judy Carter will show realtors how to use stories to turn them into a high-wattage broker.

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What Ya Get:
  • Real estate humor to lighten up
  • Energize your staff
  • Become a high wattage influencer by speaking Your Message

Judy Energizes RE/MAX

Here is the reaction of Susanne Varley, RE/MAX REAL PROS who wanted me to re-ignite her staff. Here’s her letter to me afterwards:

“The reaction to your keynote, “Igniting Your Career with The Message of You” was spectacular! This was the first time we had speaker for our Remax Real Pros event. Summer gets slow and we wanted to energize our relators and you did the job.

You got people laughing right at the start by telling them your high FICO score of 840. So funny!

You also had great content showing how to use stories to sell. And your own stories were funny AND moving, reminding us that we aren’t just selling homes, we are selling security, family, and hope.

I will be recommending you for other Remax events.”

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