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Whether you need to learn comedy formulas that always work, how to discover your TED talk, or even to launch a money making ‘free to fee’ speaking career…Judy’s got you covered. Each online course focuses on what is important to you: being an interesting speaker, one that can make people laugh, cry, stand on their feet with applause (or all three!). Each course is fun, interactive, funny as hell, and shows you how to take stories from an ordinary day and use them to promote your brand, enhance your speeches, and even find the ‘Message of You’.

Comedy Courses

Your life is a hilarious riot…only you don’t know it! Seriously. Every day occurrences can be Just. That. Funny. The creative process is messy, but that mess can turn into success with just a few simple techniques and a shift in the way you look at things. This Comedy Course shows how you can take those snippets you plugged into your cellphone, quick notes on backs of junk mail envelopes, and the hilarious text you sent to a friend, and turn them into something amazing. All successes start out as messes, and the people who succeed (YOU!) are the ones who stick with the mess, uncovering the material that works. These courses help you to discover hidden gems that can help you jump start a comedy career, just learn how to be funnier, or write a presentation that people will enjoy (instead of checking their email on their cell phones!).

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Public Speaking Courses

Would ya like to go from ‘free’ to ‘fee’ with your speaking career? Chances are you have all of the material you need to have a paid speaking career, or creating a dynamic, knock them out of their seats TED talk, or score massive points at the Toastmaster competitions. Maybe you just don’t want people to fall asleep during your presentation. This course is designed to bring out the speaker in you, so that you can present yourself, and your message, in a way that will have audiences laughing their butts off, hearing what you are saying, and even walking away changed and inspired.

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Speech Writing 101

No speech starts out perfect. In fact, the best ones start out as half-baked notions often scribbled on the back of a napkin at a coffee house. When it comes to creating a memorable speech that will have people wanting more, one of the first steps is to ‘just start’, and see the idea for what it is. In this speech writing course, Judy will show you how to take the fledgling idea and give it the wings to fly. Judy takes you step by step through the process for creating an amazing speech, one that will make people laugh out loud, as well as a message that will resonate with them long after the speech is over. Take this speech writing course for a chance to see what YOU might discover through the power of your own everyday message. Turning messes into successes is Judy’s specialty.

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Storytelling Tips

Use this module to learn how to discover your Ted Talk, connect to an audience with your story, or launch your speaking career. Finding the Message of You can not only be personally transformative, but can resonate with audience members, using humor as the vehicle. Whether you are a professional speaker, or are simply trying to create an authentic connection with your employees, then this course is for you. Tips for how to promote your business, develop award winning presentations, brand yourself, and simply be the life of the party with your friends.

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