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Judy Carter….the Cure for the Common Cubicle……Inspiring Leadership Keynote Speaker

20% message + 80% entertainment = 100% Motivation and Inspiration

Always high energy and interactive, Carter’s presentations put the problems of the corporate world in a new, and humorous, light, inspiring audiences to shift their perspective from bored to brilliant. Lean to use the powerful theme of YOU from a TEDx speaker, and former Hollywood stand-up comedian, and become an insightful communicator and thought-leader wherever you are.

Judy's talks are all customized. Nothing canned.

As a corporate keynote presenter, all of Judy's presentations for business events are customized to your specific industry. Judy will work closely with you, gathering your facts, challenges, goals, plus even your acronyms! There's no doubt about it. If you're looking for humor with an on-target message that your people will take back to work (and then put to work!), you'll love Judy Carter.

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