Education Keynote Speaker

Give Your Teaching Staff the Gift of Laughter & Inspiration

As a motivational speaker for teachers, Judy Carter knows the stresses facing hard working educators. After all, she herself is a former teacher. As the top funny motivational speaker for teachers, she’s been the keynoter at hundreds of events. Whether to kick off a new teaching year, or pump up enthusiasm at a Educator’s Associations, Judy turns problems into punch lines and fires up attendees!

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What Ya Get:
  • Re-engaged your staff
  • Igniting the power of appreciation
  • Rekindle their importance as an influencer
  • And… laugh their socks off

Completely Customized Comedy for Educators

When Judy did the keynote for Floyd’s County Semester Kickoff, (1200 educator’s and staff) the organizing committee wanted her to involve the audience and get everyone fired up. So, Judy created a RAP SONG just for them. Watch!

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Don’t Hate… Appreciate!

In her speeches, Judy shows the POWER OF APPRECIAtion by doing her homework about your staff. She interviews your staff members before she arrives and and then turns them into heros by sharing their stories onstage. In this video, she shares the story of a bus driver named Mike at a keynote at Floyd Country School District.

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