Judy Carter - Humorous Motivational Keynote Speaker, Best-selling Author, and Coach Learn the Power of your story from Judy Carter, best-selling author of 'The Message of You'

Work with Judy's hand-picked professional COMEDY STAFF to create ORIGINAL COMEDY material based on your persona.

  1. Email Judy and her team your half-baked ideas, jokes, a video no longer than 15 minutes, or just your completed Comedy Questionnaire.
  2. Your material will be evaluated and you will be matched with a coach that's in your budget and achieve the RESULTS YOU DESIRE.
  3. You will begin the creative process and meet with your coach or Judy via Skype.
  4. The writing and revamping of your material will be created together via a Google doc.
  5. You will be given homework, sometimes written (or just something to think about), during the entire process.
  6. You will receive professionally written, funny, and “ready to deliver” material.

Standup Material Creation Package (with a Professional Comedy Writer) - $495

Are you ready for FIRST-CLASS mentoring and hands-on guidance from a professional comedy writer? Get ready to have the "best of the best" punch-up your existing material and create new material based on your persona to SKY ROCKET your success...


Review of your existing material (3-pages) and/or video (15 minute max)

3 ONE-HOUR sessions with professional comedy writers

Create new comedy material based on a topic of your choice

Punch-up existing material

Creating numerous jokes on one topic

End up with material that gets a laugh every 10 seconds


Write for Late Night with Letterman's Former Head Writer - Gabe Abelson $1500

Learn insider tips on how to break into late night talk show comedy writing. Submitting jokes to late night talk shows is often the quickest route to breaking into television comedy writing, and Gabe Abelson (Late Show with David Letterman, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher), an industry professional with over twenty years of experience, will teach you how to get there.

This DELUXE COMEDY CONSULTAITON PACKAGE with Late Night writer, Gabe Abelson includes the following:

6 ONE-HOUR sessions of one-on-one personal coaching

Complete review of your existing comedy material

Punch-up of your existing jokes

Thorough tutorial on the elements of late night comedy writing - crafting monologue, in-studio bits, and field pieces (remotes)

The Process: From idea, to written bit, to fully produced broadcast piece

Establishing your brand

Organizing/Creating new material

Organizing your late night writer's portfolio

Marketing/Coaching strategy