Keynote Presentations for Business

20% message + 80% entertainment = 100% Motivation

As a corporate keynote humorist, all of Judy's presentations for business events are customized turning your organization’s challenges, stresses, and even your acronyms into LOL with an on-target message… even a rap! Whoo-Hoo!

What Ya Get:
  • Breakthrough approach to managing workplace stress
  • Using Humor to be memorable in all communication
  • Use humor to turn conflict into camaraderie
  • Joking appropriately to avoid trips to HR

Funny motivational speaker Judy Carter, has a unique way of dealing with stress -- laugh at it. Judy inspires people to deal with issues such as change, new technology, work-life balance, and burnout -- not to mention that overflowing inbox -- with a sense of humor, rather than a sense of desperation.

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What Ya Get:
  • Become an influencer by speaking your message
  • Use stories as a leadership tool to connect and inspire staff
  • Remind yourself how your work can be not just a job but a calling

Based on her book, “The Message of You,” (St. Martin’s Press), Judy Carter believes that we all have an essential life message and in this keynote she shows how to find it and use it to inspire others. When we are in touch with our message, it reminds us of what we believe in and our purpose in the world. What is this powerful message? As Carter presented in her TED Talk, it’s in the word itself: You can’t spell Message Without a M-E-S-S.

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What Ya Get:
  • 5 powerful speaking technique
  • Getting over the fear of speaking
  • Using stories to connect to audiences
  • Become a high wattage influencer by speaking Your Message

Want to have better customer relationships? Want to have instant connection with customers and clients? Want to have your employees listen when you speak? Want to have people share your blog and tweets so you become an influencer?

Then do what Hollywood does -- use stories to inspire others. In this presentation, Judy Carter will show you three essential stories that all business leaders need to have turning them into a high-wattage influencer. What are these stories?

1. The Story of Your Business
2. The Story of Your Customers
3. Your Heart Story

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